What Goes Around Comes Around

How many times have you heard the above statement, or, perhaps have said it yourself?

Lots of people say it without really thinking about what it is they are saying.  Like so many sayings, they are said almost automatically, without thinking.  Yet, it is a statement that needs consideration because it is important.  We have to be careful ourselves so that we don’t get bitten by the same intention that we give it.

So many times we hear things on the news or read in the paper about terrible stuff that has been done.  After reading, the above statement is said, and the person or persons doing the terrible deed get punished.  But, does it only apply to the terrible?  No.

It applies to every statement and action that we do, whether good or bad.  We need to think what we, ourselves, do before making glib judgements about others.  Sometimes we recognise things in others that we do, but, don’t realise that we are doing the same.  Makes us hypocritical.

If we concentrate on negative aspects, then we attract them into our lives.  If we say something negative about someone, then, we can attract that very same negative into our lives.  Let’s not do that.

We need to temper our speech and our actions.  To be constructive in building people up and not knocking them down.  To do good actions/deeds and sometimes go out of our way to help someone. 

The more good and more help you give willingly, then the more of that which will “come around” to you.  Once, when on a social site, the question was asked, “What saying/phrase/statement have you find to inspiring and try to live by?”.  I wrote the following:

Be the last to hate and the first to love

Be the last to speak and the first to listen

Be the last to criticise and the first to compliment

Be the last to hold a grudge and the first to forgive

Be the last to walk by and the first to help

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