Is It Better To Give Than Receive?

As we come to the festive period that is commonly known as Christmas, people’s thoughts turn to giving presents. That’s great and wonderful, not something that should ever stop.
In a way it is a shame that it has become so commercialised with children wanting the latest this and that, somewhat misses the point. But, I’m not going to dwell on that.
As the saying goes, “It is better to give than receive”, it is better to give. Quite a statement.
An issue comes about with that statement because there is another that says, “When you give, expect a return” or, “What goes around, comes around”. So you need to be able to receive, but, if you don’t receive, then how can those that want to give, give to you?
Unfortunately, so many people just keep giving and burn themselves out. They don’t give themselves time to recover, recouperate and receive help from others. It has to work both ways. Yes, it is better to give, but, we should say, equally, that it is the same to receive. The two go hand in hand. To give is a blessing, to receive is a blessing. When allowing someone to give allows a blessing, then allowing to receive is also a blessing.
Let’s get a balance, but, there is something else that needs to be looked at. There is also a saying, “The more you give, then even more you shall receive, or receive 10 fold, 50 fold or 100 fold”. That sounds to me like you can’t outgive what you receive, it will always be substantially more. That pretty much knocks out the statement “Better to give than receive”.
Christians need to think about that, how can they outgive God who gives more than they could ask or think. An infinite God that is always giving, but, at the same time, appreciates receiving the love and adoration of His followers.
So, which is better, give or receive?
The answer is that neither of them are better than the other. They are mutual partners and one should not be without the other. Also, it is not the financial value of the giving, it is the thought. If you can afford to give financially, but are reticent to spend, then the motive needs to be looked at.
Give with the right motive and spirit. You will feel good about it and not feel that you being taken for granted, that you’re not always giving and receiving. That is where some find it difficult. How many times have you given a lot and then when people want to give back, it has been declined? You say, “thank you, very kind of you, but I’m OK”, then you say why don’t I ever receive in return? Well, you’ve just knocked it back, haven’t you?
Don’t just think of those “in need”, who look poor and impoverished. There are those at the opposite end of the scale who also need to receive, even if it is as simple as “hello, how are you?”, or something along that line. Even some help when the weather is not so good.
Make a difference, not just at Christmas, but, everyday, all year round. You know it makes sense!!
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