Why Not Start A Blog Yourself?

Looking over the blogs that Yvonne and I have done, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could introduce people to a way of expressing and sharing anything that liked.  No matter what the hobby, pastime or interest, there is no reasonwhy it should not be put online and shared with others.

Once started, they could introduce others to start theirs and then link to one anothers site.  Eventually creating a community of like-minded people.  Hints, tips, stories, knowledge, experiences that could otherwise be lost and forgotten, recorded for others to learn from.  Photos can be added, and, as you get more advanced, you can add video.  Posts can be done as often as wanted, some once or twice a day, others once or twice a week.  Not to be a chore, but something to be enjoyed and shared!!

For a lot of people, especially with no technical knowledge, there is the fear of not knowing about setting one up.  Some bits that need doing like the domain name, the hosting, installing WordPress along with a theme.  Then what about support and help?  It is off putting for a lot of people.  That is a shame.

I have come across offers where they promise to have it all set up for you with an opportunity to make some money as well.  Then 2 weeks later, still waiting, which is very frustrating.

Well, since December of last year, I have signed up with a company that set up the blog automatically straightaway, no waiting.  I chose the name of my blog which is set up on their system and I can add to it as often as I wish.  Any problems, which have been down to me, are answered by the dedicated support team.  Not only that, but they have a series of short step by step videos to get you started.  Again, the support team are there.  Where possible, I will happily help you as well!

There is an opportunity to make some money, if you want to go down that route, if you don’t then that’s fine.  But if you set up a free Paypal or Alertpay account, then if it happens by accident, then it’s not a bad thing. A little bit extra always comes in handy!

The price, I think, is very reasonable, only $25 a month for all of it, and that’s it!!  Yes, there are other levels you can go to if you are interested and want to run it as a business.  Again, the choice is yours.

We both enjoy blogging, helping others get started so that they can start sharing what they want.  We encourage you do to take that step and not worry about the technical side.  Just start sharing and let others know!!

If you simply want to get started, then click on the following link:

Start Your Blog Now!!

If you would like to know more about doing a blog and running it as a business, then click on the link below:

Your Own Blogging Online Business

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